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Denver Divorce Mediation Lawyer

At the Law Office of Ann L. Sussman LLC, it is our goal to help people to resolve conflict intelligently, honestly and respectfully. We understand that emotions can get the better of people while navigating a family law matter. By focusing on alternative dispute resolution, we believe we can guide clients through these potentially turbulent times in a professional and efficient manner.

Firm founder, Ann L. Sussman, has 22 years of legal experience including six years as a public defender. Her varied background gives her the benefit of perspective and detailed legal knowledge in a broad range of areas. She is well-versed in assisting clients with all aspects of family law, including divorce and separation, post-decree matters, non-traditional families, cohabitation and marital agreements, and adoption.

Conflict Resolution Without The Conflict Escalation

Our firm provides legal guidance and representation to clients in Denver and communities throughout Colorado who are facing a range of legal matters, including:

Do not hesitate to contact a lawyer at the earliest possible moment. Through an extensive consultation, our attorney will work to gain a clear understanding of your family dynamic, your goals, your motivations and your potential disputes. By gathering all of this information, we can provide valuable insight into your matter and suggest the best course of action. Typically, our clients can find resolutions through mediation and collaboration. It is our goal for all parties to reach a satisfying conclusion in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible.

A Note From Ann Sussman:

"After leaving the Public Defender's office, I continued to work as a trial attorney. In this role, I tried many cases in front of judges and juries, and still do on the criminal cases I handle. This sets me apart from many attorneys working in alternative dispute resolution in the sense that I can accurately discuss the benefits of reaching agreements on their own and taking control over their lives as opposed to putting their lives in the hands of third parties such as judges and juries. I have witnessed first-hand how conflict escalates in court and I have become acutely aware of the impact of parents' conflicts on their children. A solution developed by the parties themselves tends to work better for the parties and their children than when the court system imposes solutions."

Resolving Conflicts Without The War

If you have further questions regarding family law or mediation, schedule a consultation at the Law Office of Ann L. Sussman LLC. We can be reached at 303-416-6998 or through our convenient email form.

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